Sexual Myths and Your Relationship
Myth #10: Giving kids too much information about sex will take away their innocence


Children Need to Learn About Sex

While it is certainly possible to give children sexual information that is inappropriate, most young people in the United States are woefully deprived of adequate, age-appropriate information. It is an illusion to believe (think ostrich, head-in-the-sand here) that children are not curious about and interested in their sexuality - as kids are curious about most things in their world!

The sweet innocence of childhood is not taken away by information about sex. It can be taken away when violent, confusing images from the media are allowed to fill a vacuum left by the absence of compassionate guidance from parents and concerned adults. Childhood innocence can be disrupted when a child has not been taught how to recognize inappropriate, abusive touch.

The Cost of Sexual Ignorance

Sexual ignorance is no protection. Sexual ignorance means leaving the well-being of our children - who are future adults - up to chance.

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