Introduction to Tantra

Tantra Can Enrich Your Sexual Experience

While sex therapy is indicated to help individuals and couples deal with sexual dysfunction and ameliorate symptoms, what about persons or couples who have a good and satisfying sexual life – yet want more?

Tantra offers a set of techniques and practices to enrich an individual’s or a couple’s sexual experience, deepen the intimate connection, and help each person reach his or her sexual potential. Since Tantra may be practiced individually as well as in a partnership, it can be useful for individuals who are not currently in a sexual relationship.

Modern Tantra

Modern Tantra combines ancient ritual practices and modern humanistic psychology to facilitate the deepest possible intimate experience. At its core Tantra is a meditative approach to sexuality, where the practitioner uses the breath to intensify sexual sensation and then move that sexual energy throughout the body.

Tantric practitioners approach sexuality with intention and focus. Each partner is, first, deeply connected to his or her internal experience with mindfulness and present-moment awareness. At the same time, the partners connect with each other – without losing their internal connection. Coordinated breathing is used to move energy within each practitioner’s body, and to exchange energy between partners.

The goal of Tantric practice is union with self and union with the partner. Tantric partners often experience a kind of transcendent unity, in which sense of self dissolves into that of a larger Whole.

The Tantric Approach

Many Tantric practitioners view this kind of sexual meditation as a spiritual practice, believing that heightening pleasure and deeply connecting with self and the Beloved also connects one with larger Reality, however that reality may be understood.

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