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Marty Klein’s New Book

Sexual Intelligence by Marty Klein

Marty Klein is one of my favorite authors. He’s a sex therapist in Palo Alto who consistently publishes thought-provoking books, filled with fresh ideas and revolutionary concepts about sexuality and healthy sexual relationships.

His new book – just released — is Sexual Intelligence: What We Really Want From Sex, And How to Get It, published by Harper Collins.

Here’s what Marty says about the book:

“In my 31 years of therapy with couples and individuals , I keep hearing people say that what they want from sex is pleasure and closeness. And yet most people focus on other things during sex–how they look, what their partner is thinking, how they compare to others, whether they’re normal, or the dreaded ‘performance.’”

Sexual Intelligence is filled with ideas about how to create enjoyable sex in your intimate relationship. The advice is practical and down to earth. Marty has a gift for telling stories about real people in real situations.

I heartily recommend this book to anyone wanting fresh perspective on being part of a successful intimate relationship! I’ll be doing a complete book review soon.  But, hey – beat me to it! Grab a copy and read this now!

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