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Welcome to my blog! Here I will post occasional “notes” – musings on the rich complexity of human sexuality, the diversity of human sexual behavior, and the interface between sexuality and culture.

I’m a practicing sex therapist, and I count it a privilege to sit with individuals and couples who are exploring their sexual lives and seeking to effect change. Many of us in Western culture have sexual wounding, whether from abuse, neglect, or simple ignorance. Our culture has few good models on offer to show the way towards healthy, high-functioning sexuality. I sometimes say that our culture is both sexually repressed – and at the same time sexually obsessed. We’re continuing to shortchange our children by sending them into adolescence with limited understanding of their changing bodies and how to best relate to themselves and others as sexual beings. While the kids are trying to figure it out, they are being bombarded with sexual imagery and content from advertising, movies, television, music, porn, romance novels… it comes from everywhere.

My goal is to encourage a healing dialogue, between therapist and client, husband and wife, parents and children, men and women. I believe if we can talk openly about the things that trouble us, we can take steps to figure them out.

I welcome your feedback, comments and questions. You can comment on blog entries, and you can email me with questions at Contact Dr. Yarian.

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