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David Yarian PhD writes about emotion, sexuality, relationships, self esteem, and life in this thought-provoking blog.

David Yarian, Ph.D. Recommends Self Help Books

These are the books I recommend most for specific issues in my practice.

Book Reviews by Dr. Yarian

The Guide to Self Help Books

Dr. Yarian produced this extensive, annotated guide to recommend the best books for self help, personal growth and self-improvement.

Relaxation and Stress Management Resources

Articles, resource and information on accessing the Relaxation Response for stress management and better health.

Saving the Earth - Environmental Book Reviews

An additional project of Dr. Yarian, this annotated resource for environmental books includes sections on ecology, global warming, conservation, renewable energy, ecopsychology as well as a chronological survey of classic and award-winning nature writing.

Self Esteem Affirmations

Free daily affirmations for building self esteem.