Tantric Sexuality Education

Tantric Sexuality Education occurs in either a workshop setting or private coaching session. No sexual contact or nudity takes place. The practitioner is taught a graded series of exercises and practices designed to help him or her learn to identify and amplify sexual sensation and to then use the breath to move these sensations throughout the body.

Students are given homework between sessions. Since Tantra is a series of practices, the learning of it is primarily experiential. While questions are answered and the rationale is provided for each practice, most of the learning is by doing.

Of necessity, as when we are learning anything new – whether riding a bicycle or skiing down a hill or trying a new dance step – there is awkwardness at first. With time and practice, however, it becomes something one can do without consciously thinking about it. Though there is Tantric philosophy, cognitive and philosophical approaches are not primary in the practice of Tantra.

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