Sexual Myths and Your Relationship
Myth #7: It's best to find what works in sex, and stick to it


In Sex, Routine Means Boring

This is the formula for boring sex! Perhaps, at first, it is a way to try to feel more confident. In the long run, though, this leads to dissatisfaction and frustration. This would be similar to choosing to eat the exact same thing every day for lunch. While some may prefer this, most people relish the variety of different foods, different tastes, and different experiences.

Human sexuality is a complex mix of desire, sensuality, thoughts, feelings, yearnings. It is highly variable, with moods like the weather. Whatever we think sex is, it's more than that! Trying to stuff all this complexity into a programmed routine can only lead to a declining level of satisfaction and enjoyment.

Savor the Moment

Sex is most enjoyable when both persons are fully in the moment, inventing their playful interaction as if for the first time. Or maybe, for longtime lovers, it's more like improvisational jazz or dance as they return to favorite themes now and again amidst the exploration of new material, combining it all into a kaleidoscopic tapestry of delight.

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