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Dr. Yarian contributes to a number of blogs where he shares his thoughts on psychotherapy, sexuality and sex therapy, intimate relationships, and Nature.

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  • Men's Fitness

    quotation marks?Too much alcohol, too much rich food – too much food in general – is going to make the person sleepy and not that interested,? says David Yarian, sex therapist. ?The general guidelines about being healthy are what we need to know about sexual desire.?

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  • Portland OR Monthly Magazine, August 2005

    quotation marksTantric sex, according to Dr. Yarian, is more a form of meditation than a sexual practice.

  • Spirited Loving: If You Want to Improve Your Lovemaking, Consider the Tantric Approach Nashville Scene, Feb. 10-16, 2005

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  • Knoxville News-Sentinel, Dec. 29, 2010 UT: Sex helps a ‘neurotic’ partner: Marriage survey finds frequency may ease tensions

    quotation marks?Because many people seek comfort and relaxation in sex, the findings of the study are not surprising,?said David Yarian, a licensed clinical psychiatrist and certified sex therapist based in Nashville.

    Still, he warned, it's important not to oversimplify the role of sex in the marital satisfaction of these couples. “Overall, the goal is to have highest quality of connection possible. Our culture has a pretty limited way of thinking about this, so with frequency, more is better is seen as the bottom line. I think it's more complex than that.”

  • The Huntsville Times Dec 3, 2013

    Huntsville romance store Pleasures expands; founder writing book about battle to overturn Alabama's adult toy ban

    quotation marksDavid Yarian, who works as a licensed sex therapist and psychologist in Nashville, is a consultant with the new boutique and provides educational programs at the store.

    Yarian said the shop carries items that are already sold in several Davidson County stores, including Spencer's, Wal-Mart, Target, pharmacies, as well as Amazon.com.

    "Our main goal is help couples with intimacy," he said. "Unfortunately, due to stress, lack of time, and sometimes, ignorance, couples aren't fulfilled with their level of intimacy . . . We want to educate couples with products and information that will help them in their married life."

  • Libido Training All the Rage, July 14, 2005

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  • AccesRX Expert Interviews, July 10, 2010

    Interview With Transcendent Sex Expert and Author Dr. David Yarian – How Common are Sexual Difficulties in Relationships?

    quotation marksI would advise three practices, or processes that I believe can lead to reawakening sexual desire in loving couples.

    The first practice is Relaxation. By this I mean removing stressfulness from the intimate relationship. If there is anger or resentment or hurt – address it and find ways to move to genuine resolution. We can only relax our guardedness when we feel safe and secure. If there are performance expectations – let them go. Forget about being the world’s best lover! Forget about equating sex with intercourse; there are a million ways to make fabulous love to your partner that do not require putting a penis into a vagina. Forget about doing anything fast. What’s the hurry? Forget about counting orgasms, or lovers, or erections. Relax. Take a breath. Give yourself credit for addressing this vital part of your life and your relationship.

    The second practice is Tell the Truth. This means to speak honestly and directly about what you want and what you need. It also means that you listen deeply and openly to what your partner wants and needs. (It may be important here to remember the first practice, and put it into action!) Great sex happens between two people who know themselves, and who are open to each other. True intimacy comes only when we are vulnerable and our hearts are open. Being genuine is of fundamental importance to a thriving sexual relationship. It is no gift of love to go along with something that is painful or boring or abhorrent. Allowing this only subtracts from the desirability of connecting sexually in the future.

    The third practice is to Play. Someone once said that great sex is like being part of a pile of puppies – all wiggly and delighted to be together. As I mentioned before, performance expectations tend to diminish the playfulness and curiosity of healthy sex and substitute performance anxiety and sexual phobias in their place. Play means being experimental, being curious and open to new experience. It means enjoying who you are playing with. Play does not mean being competitive – sex is not a competitive sport! Play could mean trying on new identities or dressing up or playing games. Sex is where it’s okay for adults to be playful, to relax our guard and give into the inclination of the moment with the playmate we’ve chosen. Practices One and Two are important here as well. We can’t play unless we are Relaxed; and Telling the Truth makes playing safe. If my partner wants to play in a way that makes me uncomfortable, I have to let her know this and we have to come to a resolution we both feel good about.

  • Telenoche, Argentina TV news program

    Dr. Yarian was interviewed in October 2015 by Telenoche, Argentina’s most prestigious evening TV News edition, about flibanserin, hyped as “the female Viagra.”

Dr. Yarian has provided opinion and professional expertise to many other media outlets, including MSN, The Scene, The Tennesseean, WSMV, WKRN, WTVF, Esquire Magazine.